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What we do

We Manufacture Furniture

Let’s transform your drawings into actual furniture, or send us a physical sample to replicate.

Through the sample development process, our team of expert CAD designers and QC professionals will make recommendations to balance form, function and costs.

Our Factory
Our Specialization

Most of our furniture is custom designed, with repeat orders.

Your business is our business

We foster long-term business relationships with our clients and work through bumps in the road to achieve success together.

Close the deal

Our projects are by the container load, from x1 container upwards. Shipping internationally to the US, EU, Asia and other continents gives us experience in understanding your specific requirements. Let’s start developing your order today!

What’s special

About our company

At MASZMA, we incorporate both international and local talent to merge global quality design & compliance with local business cultures. Understanding your requirements and providing constant communication is key and also sets everyone’s minds at ease.

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We love quality, that’s how we got here.

We come from humble beginnings and have a strong sense of family values, which have stuck with us up to this day. It all began when our CEO, Amin Razak, saw an opportunity in providing custom quality furniture from Asia to the global market. With a young family to care for, he left his cushy corporate career to leap into the jaws of entrepreneurship and hasn’t looked back since.

This journey which began in Malaysia, transcended to Indonesia then Vietnam. Gaining business momentum and growth from sourcing and trading, Maszma was able to open it’s own manufacturing facilities. What began as a one man show, now translates to an ever-growing family of over 200 staff members … and counting.

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